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Quote Request Confirm

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File upload

If you have a file to upload related to this request, please review the instructions below.

Using the Badgerland Internet Upload Site

  1. Using your Interent browser log onto:

    This will bring you to the Tailored Solutions upload site.
    Enter in the username and password and click on Log In.

    Username: blpuploads
    Password: blp1

  2. From the “File Upload” screen click the Upload 1 File button. This will allow you to select one to five files to upload. If you have more than five files to upload please zip your files into one folder and upload the folder

    Click on Choose File and select the files in which to upload, the file names will appear next to Choose File. Please make sure the name is unique and contains only alphanumeric characters (A-Z and 0-9). Dashes (-), periods (.), and underscores (_) can be used as well.

    Enter Company Name and click on Begin Upload when complete.

  3. Transfer times may vary depending on your Internet connection. Once the file transfer is complete, a “The File Has Been Successfully Sent” screen should appear.

    If you have additional files to upload, click “Return to File Listing”, click on Upload 1 File and repeat the steps on this page.