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Artwork Guidelines

More Information

Software Requirements: If your software is not listed, please call before sending your files.

ILLUSTRATOR: (vector based artwork preferred)

Save art as native Illustrator files, EPS, or PDF – using the “Press Quality” preset.
Convert type to outlines or provide fonts along with your files. If you have linked Tiff files from Photoshop in your art, provide images. Placed images in Illustrator files must be at least 300 dpi or higher in resolution.

PHOTOSHOP: (do not use Photoshop for typesetting)

Save art as PSD, EPS, JPG, or TIF files. Files should be CMYK and built at 300 dpi or higher in resolution.


When creating your files be sure to create them using CMYK color profile. Files submitted as RGB will be converted to CMYK which will cause dramatic color variations. Printed colors are always different from what your monitor represents. PDF proofs of your art are not accurate representations of the final printed color. If color matching is important, please use the Pantone Matching System to select your colors.


When submitting your files, we recommend that you create your type in a vector-based program like Illustrator. Convert all fonts to outlines or submit fonts with final art files. This will ensure that your order will not be delayed due to missing fonts or re-typesetting fonts in your files.

Minimum size type in positive print is 4 point in block type such as HELVETICA and 6 point in a serif type such as TIMES NEW ROMAN. It is not recommended to use extra bold or light type faces smaller than 8 point.



Minimum size type in reverse print is 6 point in a bold block type such as HELVETICA BOLD and 8 point in serif type such as TIMES NEW ROMAN BOLD. It is not recommended to use extra bold or light type faces smaller than 8 point.



4 color process serif type is not recommended. If 4 color process text is used it is recommended that block type is at least 15 point BOLD. If your type needs to be smaller in size it is recommended that you use 100% black or a spot color for your type.



A bleed is a necessary part of setting up a file for print, if you want the art to extend to the edge
of the material. There might be a slight shift in the art during the die cutting process, when a file
does not have a bleed a thin white line will appear on the edge of the completed label.
Artwork that does not meet the required bleed will be edited or sent back to be modified
accordingly. Standard bleed for artwork is by adding 1/8″ to all the sides of your art file.


We require the minimum resolution for artwork we print to be at least 300 dpi. Any resolution
under 300 dpi, we cannot guarantee a quality print. File resolution can exceed 300 dpi, our
maximum resolution cannot exceed 600 dpi.

Art File Setup Do’s and Don’ts


  • Art should be at 100% to scale plus additional 1/8″ bleed all around. Indicate final trim size.
  • File should be set up as spot colors (Pantone Coated) or CMYK. Convert any RGB art to CMYK before submitting.
  • Gradients must have a minimum 3% dot in all colors.
  • Convert all text to outlines or submit fonts along with final art files.
  • Position all text or graphics at least 1/8″ inside the die line. If art has a border that bleeds the border must be 1/8″ thick.
  • Art must be 300 dpi at 100% to scale, cannot exceed 600 dpi.
  • Delete any unused art or colors from files before submitting.
  • Contact us with any trapping questions, do not send files with trapping included.


  • Do not embed images or graphics.
  • Do not trap the artwork.
  • Do not design entire label in Photoshop. Use a vector based application like Illustrator and place in the images.


All artwork submitted will go through a preflight inspection process to determine if the art is
printable or to identify any potential problems. Any revisions to files will require prepress
charges at the current hourly rate. Failure to follow the above guidelines can result in delays of
production and printing your order. Please contact us with any questions or for any